MON 26 SEPT 6:34am -41.763565, -71.47506


At Tellart, we thrive on inventing innovative ways to shape human experience. When Seth presented us with the challenge of creating a compelling augmentation to an inspiring event - a 100 mile bike-ride in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - we took a dive into the world of cycling technology, and this interactive panorama is the result.

Seth rode his bike 100 miles in one day as part of the Rhode Island chapter of Team in Training, the world's largest charity sports training program. With the combination of an amazing charity, and an exciting local event, we knew we wanted to support Seth's ride by putting our minds and hacking skills to work.

The interactive panorama shows Seth's ride through a series of photos snapped by his iPhone, which was attached to his bike frame with a modified iTMP handlebar mount. The custom iPhone application was set to trigger a photo every 1/8 mile (based on GPS) and stored every photo with GPS location information, as well as a time-stamp and velocity profile. Of course, in order to ensure that the phone would run through-out the roughly eight hour ride, we tackled the iPhone's limited battery life (especially while running GPS) by rigging up auxiliary batteries through a regulator (essentially a high capacity version of the emergency cell phone rechargers available in stores).

Enjoy the panorama - and if you see Seth, give him a big pat on the back for a ride well done!